Need to protect your equipment from theft or damage?

We offer affordable protection

Our speaker cages are available in a range of sizes or made-to-measure.

Have lots of cable reels to manage?

Use our simple Cable Rollers

As the advance off UTP cables to Cat6A they predominately moving form Boxes to cable reels

This has become a bit of a pain to manage so we have come up with a design of a cable roller to handle 9 to 12 rolls off cable

Easily movable with lockable castors.

Equipment over heating?

Keep it at a constant temperature

The JAMware Thermostat Fan Controller is primarily used to control a fan in a Communications, Security or Audio Video Cabinets to regulate the temperature.

  • Turns fan on when temperature goes over 30 degree C
  • Turns off when goes under 25 degree C
  • Alarm contact triggers if goes above 50 degree C

The Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentFans Ultra Quiet Fan, manufactured by Blacknoise technologies
Germany’s quietest fan manufacturer, features extraordinary life spans and near silent operation.
Using the NB-Longlife advanced sleeve bearing and matched with the NB-EKA drive, the
BlackSilentFan series runs more than double the life of normal sleeve bearings and operates so
quietly you’ll forget they are running.

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  • 12 month back to base warranty
  • Phone support


  • We work with you to get the right product specs for you


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JAMware is a small company based in Christchurch.  Maurits has been in telecommunications for over 30 years and has identified a range of solutions to common problems.